No matter who we are — race, gender, age, socioeconomic status - ALL of us are trying to make sense of the human experience. This starts with our search for something more and our quest to find things that we believe will bring us lasting happiness. Things like beauty, fame, success, wealth, pleasure and power. But this process also includes making sense of ourselves and the three components of what it means to be human. Mind, body and spirit. The mind involves our mental health, wisdom of how to live well, and our theory of everything — why we’re here to begin with. The body includes how we see our bodies (body image), who to share our bodies with (sexuality), and what to put inside our bodies (nutrition). And finally, the spirit connects us to what is beyond. To this end, we’d like to explore the possibility that the way of Jesus might actually lead to the life we all long for.  The way of Jesus is an organic, grassroots movement that swept over the ancient world in the first century. It is what originally was — before religion corrupted. There has been nothing like it — before or since. Like a metaphorical Rubik’s cube, the way of Jesus helps us make sense of all the puzzle pieces to life. Core to our DNA is the belief that science and spirituality are merely two sides of the same coin.  Spirituality explains the who and why, while science explains the how, what and when. It’s here we discover that recent scientific discoveries have only added color to the picture that was laid out by Jesus in the 1st century. We’re all searching for something, so follow along as we try to make sense of the human experience. What you’ll find is one of the most comprehensive and multifaceted approaches to solving the mystery of life.