For generations, one of the most pervasive ideas in our society is that science and spirituality are at odds. But this is simply not true. They are not – and have never been – at odds. Think about it this way.  Spirituality explains the who and why, while science explains the how, what and when. In some cases they overlap on these ideas, but the reality is that they represent two different sides of the same coin. You may not believe that God exists, but let’s assume for a moment that he does. If something created us, wouldn’t it then make sense that this Being would have a hand in both the spiritual and scientific? Study the way of Jesus long enough and you’ll discover that recent scientific discoveries have only added color to the picture that was laid out by Jesus in the 1st century. No matter what sphere of science we study, there isn’t a piece of data that has conflicted.  For example, let’s examine the virtue of love.  Love was the central message of Jesus, and in-particular, self-sacrificial love. He said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” The 20th century discovery of attachment theory has confirmed the truth in his statements. Right from birth, when parents do not embody self-sacrificial love to their children, neuroscience has revealed that this stunts their brain development. In the long term, this breeds either an anxious or avoidant attachment style, handicapping our adult relationships. Not to mention that the field of near-death studies has also confirmed that self-sacrificial love sits at the center of our purpose in life. The example of love is just one of many, and it shows the value of an integrated worldview. Lean too much into science and you’ll miss the point of life itself. You will fail to understand the why and who. But lean too much into spirituality, and you may overlook the biological realities when it comes to topics like mental health and nutrition. We need an integrated view to make sense of the human experience. Together, the science and spiritual are the arbitrators of truth. What IS at odds with both the science and the spiritual is often the culture. Culture often proposes ideas that cause us to travel down an unhealthy path.  So part of our DNA is to examine cultural narratives, and societal trends at large, to expose whether they are indeed helpful or not. We’re all searching for something, so follow along as we try to make sense of the human experience. What you’ll find is one of the most comprehensive and multifaceted approaches to solving the mystery of life.