Doxa Church

We are disciples of Jesus making disciples in the everyday stuff of life. Because we are family, servants, and missionaries, we gather, go, give, and grow to make disciples and make much of Jesus!

Pastoral Team

Pastor,Jeff Vanderstelt

Pastor,Donald Zimmerman

Pastor,Tim Patton

What to Expect

Each week we sing together about and to God to remind one another of his amazing grace and love poured out through Jesus into our hearts by his Spirit. Often a story of his love and grace will be shared by one of the members of Doxa Church. Then we hear God's word preached, followed by a time of remembering Jesus together. Every week we provide opportunities to receive prayer if needed.

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Groups & Community

As Christ's people we live as family in the normal rhythms of life that are lived within every culture. We try not to add a bunch of extra things to our already busy lives, but instead want to be intentional about bringing Jesus into the everyday ways we are already living.

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