Shoreline City Church

We love all people. This includes anything from backgrounds, shapes, colors, sizes, education, salaries, single, married, young, old. Churched, de-churched and un-churched. We're passionate about protecting unity. That means that the poisons of gossip, complaining, backbiting, discord and division are not welcome here.

Pastoral Team

Senior PastorEarl McClellan

Lead PastorOneka McClellan

What to Expect

All of our services at each campus are identical and last about 1 hour and 15 minutes. You can expect a diverse, welcoming and relaxed environment. Come as you are and we'd love to connect with your face-to-face and hear your story.





Get a sneak peek of the experience by watching a message from Pastor Earl.

Groups & Community

As we grow large as a church, connect groups are how we stay small. Our prayer is that every person that attends shoreline city would find life-giving community through a connect group.

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Missions & Outreach

Shoreline City partners with a few local and global organizations that cater to refugee children, orphaned children and the underprivileged overseas. Learn more about getting involved by clicking the button below.

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