We celebrate an "In and Out" lifestyle at Upper Room. We daily come into a place of worship, prayer and intercession, while going out into the world through ministry, work place, service and missions. Coming "in" properly will naturally result in our ability to go "out". This lifestyle has created the "Upper Room Culture" of love and power that is transforming communities.

Pastoral Team

Senior PastorMichael Miller

Senior PastorLorisa Miller

PastorKevin Tipps

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Our community centers itself first and foremost around this activity: receiving love from God and giving love back to God through prayer and worship.

Groups & Community

UPPERROOM small groups exist to build community centered around the Presence of the Lord in our homes. We encourage multi-generational / geographically-based groups so please check out the groups that meet nearest to your home.

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Missions & Outreach

The role of the Dallas Missions Team is to encourage our church body to "GO OUT" by serving in local and international ministry opportunities.

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