Lighthouse Church

Our mission is to be a Lighthouse for our broken world, guiding everyone back to the Love of God. We believe that mission is best experienced as we make disciples, mold disciples and send disciples.

Pastoral Team

Lead PastorJosh Shaw

Director of OpsMegan Budd

Worship PastorSam Tichenor

What to Expect





Get a sneak peek of the experience by watching a message from Pastor Josh.


We believe that as we gather in community to worship, the manifest presence of Jesus Christ is revealed. This truth causes us to expect great things from God. We expect his power. His love. His word. This expectation of God's presence, encourages our Worship Community to strive for excellence, pursue spontaneity and embody a spirit of joy!

Groups & Community

Joining Lighthouse by connecting to a Home Group is essential to building relationships.  Our Home Groups meet throughout the week. They provide you an opportunity to know people and have others know you. These are mid-sized groups of people who love each other, pray for each other, and live life together.

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