The Gathering Harlem

We believe that it’s the church’s responsibility to mobilize and unify people around a vision for shalom and justice that’s gospel centered and kingdom driven. This church will be for the gentrified and gentrifier, the block and the brownstone, and we will care about the salvation of souls and bodies.

Pastoral Team


Lead PastorKenny Hart

Creative DirectorJessica Hughee

What to Expect

We are less concerned about maintaining the nets of tradition and more concerned about people having a life altering encounter with Jesus and experiencing his love for them. We want our church to look like heaven, and that's what we will build until jesus returns.


Get a sneak peek of the experience by watching a message from Pastor Kenny.

Groups & Community

One of the greatest gifts that God has given us is diversity. He's made us all with different skin colors, genders, languages, and cultures, and yet so often the world has only dignified the dominant narrative. We believe in the beauty of the other and we are a family that's committed to the work of dignifying that which is different.

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