Bridgetown Church

Bridgetown Church is built around the idea of practicing the way of Jesus. We believe that to be an apprentice of Jesus is to order your life around three goals: be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did.

Pastoral Team

Senior Pastor, John Mark Comer

Pastor of Leadership, Bethany Allen

Pastor of Community, Gerald Griffin

What to Expect

We believe the Church is not another sub-culture, but the making of a new humanity. It’s not a building or a weekend activity, but a people. We strive to live out the Gospel in our city throughout the week, then gather each weekend as a collection of Communities.





Get a sneak peek of the experience by watching these two messages from Pastor John Mark.

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Groups & Community

Church is more than a two-hour gathering on a Sunday. Church is not only a crowd gathered around a stage, but a Community sharing life around a table. Bridgetown Communities are the primary way that we practice the way of Jesus, together, in Portland.

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Missions & Outreach

Bridgetown Church wants to partner with God to put the world to rights, both locally and globally. 10% of every dollar goes directly to supporting justice work around the world. Watch the video below to learn about one of the causes they care about.

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