The Collective Church

The word COLLECTIVE is who we are. Rather than placing the entire church on the back of one pastor or personality, the "Framily" (Friends + Family) would act as a cooperative enterprise, bringing all kinds of unique gifts and talents to the group.

Pastoral Team

Co-PastorsBen + Heather Rose

Co-PastorsBob + Jenny Donnelly

What to Expect

Do you need healing? Love? Encouragement? Guidance? Answers? Purpose? These are all things that our God has in unlimited supply because He loves us so much. You will leave having encountered the tangible love of God and welcomed into our "Framily" (friends+family).

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Messages & Worship

Get a sneak peek of the experience by watching a message from Pastor Jenny and listening to the worship.

Groups & Community

Community Groups are so much more than just a quick handshake or a hello at church: they are where you can develop deep and lasting friendships that go beyond a simple Sunday morning, and this is what makes a church family so relevant and valuable to your life.

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Missions & Outreach

To us, church isn't church unless our compassion spills beyond the walls of our weekend services, and that happens through something called For The City, our ongoing initiative here for local outreach and global missions.

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