There’s been a shift in the last decade. Churches are emerging all over the U.S to help people experience Jesus, not religion.

The Common Thread

In a cultural moment where everyone is looking for deeper meaning and satisfaction, these churches are creating catalytic environments where people can discover how Jesus is the answer to our deepest longings.

Radical Hospitality

God never intended for there to be any prerequisites for going to church. It doesn't matter what you've been through, what you believe or what you struggle with, church is a home for all of humanity. A place where all are welcomed with a radical love & compassion.

Cultural Relevance

This doesn't mean the church is compromising the message of the Bible. It simply means they understand our culture and present church in such a way that has been extremely effective in helping this generation follow Jesus in the 21st century.

Authentic Culture

A culture of authenticity is being created straight down from the pastoral team, where people are encouraged to let down their guard and be real about their journey. This countercultural environment is promoting healing, growth and deep relationships.

Gifted Communicators

Great communicators make the Bible come alive for their listeners. These churches are empowering this generation by preaching in a way that is engaging and relatable, easy to understand and clearly outlines practical steps for application.

Passion & Vibrancy

These churches are filled with people who are hungry for Jesus. As a result, you’ll experience an enthusiastic & passionate environment that is contagious and leaves you wanting more.

Powerful Worship

You’ll learn at these churches that worship is so much more than just the words we sing. As the room comes alive, you will continually awakened to the power and presence of God.


These churches have a heavy focus on getting you plugged into community. Between small groups, volunteering and events, you’ll have plenty of chances to form deep relationships with people who will be instrumental to your spiritual growth and day-to-day life.

volunteering opportunities

Mission & Outreach

The heart of Jesus' ministry was to reach the overlooked and oppressed. Many of us these places are committed to making a local and global impact through serving, volunteering projects and social justice initiatives.