Pretty Little Liars (Part 4)

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In this message, we dive into the topic of anxiety and mental health to not only create awareness, but to gain practical ways to process our pain. We're challenged to create a supportive, compassionate environment where people can take of their church masks and be honest about their struggles.

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Battle Ready | S01 E02

Depression and anxiety are a real struggle for many of us, but it's often overlooked in the church.

The Empowering Grace of God

Grace Like A Flood | Part 9

Why are we so worried and fearful about everything in life if we are saved by Jesus Christ?

How To Be Alone

Learn how a time of isolation and loneliness can be an opportunity for spiritual formation.


How de we address today's epidemic of loneliness and stop believing the lies that it feeds us?

Godly Counseling

Despite stigma surrounding therapy and mental health, Jesus wants to use it as an avenue for healing.

Worship Over Worry

Pastor Kenny talks about the root cause of worry and shares the remedy that Jesus prescribes for us.

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Justin Dailey is the lead pastor at Action Church - a place where people can experience the life-changing presence of God, connect with encouraging people, and leave ready to make a difference in their community.

Located In: Orlando, Florida

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