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Just because we don’t worship statues or other gods, doesn’t mean idolatry is absent today. Pastor Lyle Phillips talks about idolatry, how it presents itself in our modern culture and how we're shaped by what we worship.

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Christians X Culture is a multi-part series from Legacy Church in Nashville.

Christians X Culture | Part 1

In order to engage in culture without becoming it, we need to be rooted in our God-given identity.

More on Cultural Influences

Learn more about how to how culture influences us by picking from the sermons below.


Are you able to see the story behind the person or only what you can observe from a distance?

Fighting the World, Flesh & Devil | Part 10

How can Christians today follow the way of Jesus without conforming to our culture or "the world"?

Fighting the World, Flesh & Devil | Part 9

Every decision we make, no matter how insignificant it may seem, either frees or enslaves us.

Sabbath | Part 3

The decision to embrace rest is a rebellion against the cultural addiction to accomplishment.

I AM | Part 3

We try so hard not to be led by anyone, but we end up being radically influenced by something anyway.

i wish somebody would have told me

I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me

It's actually possible to spend your entire life pursuing a purpose that was never meant for you.

About this Pastor

Legacy is not only a church—we're a family, a community of Christian believers who are very passionate about Jesus and His mandate to love God, love people, and change the world by advancing His Kingdom.

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