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Many of us believe that fear is supposed to leave us the moment we enter church. We think faith is the absence of fear, but why then does our faith crumble when fear shows up?

Featuring: Jd Ost & Zeal Church

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is there not a cause

Worth Dying For | Part 1

When we let go of fear and insecurity and trust that God is for us, He can lead us to victory.

Acts of the Apostles | Part 5

The decisions we make in the presence of fear can either suppress or spread God's word.

He Will Meet You There

Even when go through periods of faithlessness and fearfulness, God's faithfulness is constant.

Mind Games | Part 1

Our life is directed by the way we think, so we need to take back our minds in order to be free.

About this Pastor

Jd Ost is the Lead Pastor at Zeal Church, a faith-based gathering for people in the Greater Nashville area.

Located In: Nashville

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