Live the Dream

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For followers of Jesus, it's important for us to understand the difference between our own dreams and God dreams. In this message, Bianca Olthoff unpacks the core elements of a God dream, while exposing all the obstacles that get in the way.

Featuring: Bianca Olthoff & The Father's House OC

Categories: Finding Purpose

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I’m Making Progress

While you may not be where you want to be today, your position doesn't have to define your purpose.

Don’t Stop On Destiny

When we focus on destiny, we are the center. But when we focus on assignment, Jesus is the center.

Back in Good Measure

We want fast results, but God's not in a rush. When it come to our calling, He has perfect timing.

Chasing Daylight Part 4

Chasing Daylight | Part 4

Everything God gives us is meant to be shared and experienced by the people in your world.

Liberty University Convocation

Do you want to make a difference? Learn how to find purpose by living on mission and serving others.

VOUS Conference 2017

Are you the same as you were a year ago? Learn three specific ways to live that will help us change.

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Why do bad things happen to good people? Find out how the story of Lazarus tackles this question.

About this Church

Bianca and Matt Olthoff pastor The Father's House in Orange County. Their church community fosters an inclusive "come as you are" culture that operates under this condition: you belong before you believe what we believe or behave how we behave.

Located In: Orange County, CA

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