The Life You Always Wanted

42 min

Many of us spend our whole lives striving for things like gaining approval from others, wealth and more success. We believe that if we attain these things, we will have everything we need. Mark McGovern talks about the kind of life the Bible teaches us to pursue and how Jesus is enough to meet all of our needs.

Featuring: Mark McGovern & Experience Church

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I AM | Part 1

Jesus is the only one who fulfills our deepest desires of being known, valued and included.

Fighting the World, Flesh & Devil | Part 11

Contrary to what we learn in society, the way to our best lives comes from denying ourselves.

About this Pastor & Church

Pastors Mark & Amanda McGovern lead Experience Church in the Bay Area, a community that is passionate about worship, building relationships and serving their local community.

Located In: San Francisco, CA

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