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Most of us look at freedom as something we achieve in the outside world. Freedom in our careers, in our finances. But the bondage we battle is actually freedom on the inside. In the same way someone battling an addiction lets their body have mastery over their mind, we let our minds have mastery over our souls.

Featuring: Erwin McManus & Mosaic

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Deliverance | Part 2

Learn how the oppression experienced by the Israelites can help us understand sin and salvation.

Fighting the World, Flesh & Devil | Part 8

Despite thinking we're free, we've actually become enslaved over time to our animalistic desires.

Fighting the World, Flesh & Devil | Part 9

Every decision we make, no matter how insignificant it may seem, either frees or enslaves us.

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Who Do You See?

God wants us to invite Him into our imperfection rather than being false about who we really are.


Learn how our ability to encourage others plays a vital role in building high-level relationships.

Gain Mastery Over Your Mind

To break free of toxic mindsets, we need to first identify the patterns, before renewing the mind.

Staying Power

Staying Power

Find out how Jesus is the key to sticking it out through life's biggest challenges and failures.



Sometimes it feels like nothing is going our way. Find out how to get peace with where you are at.


When we aren't listening to God's voice, other voices end up speaking lies that we believe.

About this Pastor & Church

Erwin McManus is lead pastor at MOSAIC in Los Angeles. The name of the church comes from the symbolism of a broken and fragmented humanity which can become a work of beauty under the artful hands of God.

Located In: Los Angeles, Orange County

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