Pretty Little Liars (Part 2)

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How we deal in times of loss and grief ultimately decides our path for the future. In this message, we review the story of Job, a man who had everything and lost it in just one day. By reviewing the five stages of grief, we see that through all our difficulties, we need to think eternally and look at our losses through the lens of Jesus.

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Grasshoppers, Giants & Grapes

Every decision that we make, big or small, inevitably has a lasting impact on the course of our life.

Life in The Wheelbarrow

When we place our trust in Jesus, he gives us a vision, direction, and constant companionship.

The Battle Is Not Yours To Fight

We don't need to handle tragedy on our own, God wants us to be still and let Him fight our battle.

Look to the Tree

Learn how remembering what God has already done in the past can guard us against worry and doubt.

Staying Power

Staying Power

Find out how Jesus is the key to sticking it out through life's biggest challenges and failures.

Keep Showing Up

In the midst of trouble, learn three things that you can rely on if you'd only just keep showing up.

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