Pretty Little Liars (Part 2)

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How we deal in times of loss and grief ultimately decides our path for the future. In this message, we review the story of Job, a man who had everything and lost it in just one day. By reviewing the five stages of grief, we see that through all our difficulties, we need to think eternally and look at our losses through the lens of Jesus.

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Are You Ok Part 1

Are You Ok? | Part 1

Just because we're struggling with depression and anxiety doesn't mean we aren't spiritual enough.

When Pain Has A Purpose

Instead of asking why God allows us to go through pain, consider what he wants to do with it.

Planted Not Buried

Planted Not Buried | Part 1

What if God's plan is for us to triumph through this tough season, not save us in the moment?

I Quit

Have you ever wanted to thrown in the towel? Learn how to shift your perspective during a low moment.

A (Re)assuring Presence

We don't need clarity about our circumstance in order to trust God, we just need to know He loves us.

He Will Meet You There

Even when go through periods of faithlessness and fearfulness, God's faithfulness is constant.

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Pretty Little Liars Part 4

Pretty Little Liars | Part 4

If we remove the stereotypes and stigma attached to mental illness, we can help heal the world.

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