Tailor Made

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So many of us have been held back from our potential because of the labels that have been put over us. Lies have been circulated, whether by friends, colleagues or even parents, that have determined the course of our whole life. In this message, we learn God is calling us out of that mindset and into the truth of the life he has prepared for us.

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Say It Again

We all struggle to find ourselves. But in order to know who we are, we first need to know who God is.

Lizard or Lion

God calls us worthy and valuable, but too often we believe the lies that we don't measure up.

Who Are You?

God's intention for us is not to be small and blend in, but to be a sign & wonder to those around us.

Sabbath | Part 4

When we decide to stop and rest, we're confronted with the reality of our feelings and humanity.


Explore the difference between who culture says we are and our identity as sons and daughters of God.

There Is More

Breaking through to our destiny often involves exposing the painful and sensitive parts of our heart.

About this Pastor & Church

Alex and Henry Seeley are pastors at the Belonging Co - a place where people find freedom, where marriages will be restored, where they can continue to impact the lives of people in difficult circumstances and most of all, a place where people can find JESUS!

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