When She Realizes

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In a culture where many of us identify others by their issue, pastor Lindsey challenges us to look beneath the surface and change they way we see, label and talk about others.

Featuring: Lindsey Berteau & The House Fort Worth

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Make or Break | Part 3

Our words have the potential to build up or destroy, spark inspiration or act as fuel in a fight.

Tailor Made

Summer Reading | Part 3

The labels over our life end up becoming our identity, but God wants us to see that they are lies.

dealing with your past part 3

Dealing With Your Past | Part 3

For some of us, our entire lives have been shaped by things that people spoke over us long ago.


When we aren't listening to God's voice, other voices end up speaking lies that we believe.


Life and death is found in the power of the tongue. Find out how words can shape your entire world.


Learn how our ability to encourage others plays a vital role in building high-level relationships.

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Done With (Insecurity)

In a generation plagued by insecurity, God wants to set us free. Do you see yourself as he does?

All Things Love

Whether you're single or married, this talk will help you tackle all things sex and relationships.

About this Pastor

Micah and Lindsey Berteau are the lead pastors at The House Fort Worth. They live to see the lost find Jesus and every heart find purpose.

Located In: Fort Worth, Texas

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