The Beauty of Being Loved

43 min

Why is it so hard to face our guilt? In this challenging talk, Pastor Rich Perez unpacks how pride and shame cause us to avoid reconciliation and forgiveness.

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It’s a Heart Thing

Are you willing to honor other people around you, whether you think they deserve it or not?

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God’s Desire for the Church

The church was always meant to be a safe space for the hurting, a place of radical hospitality.

A (Re)assuring Presence

We don't need clarity about our circumstance in order to trust God, we just need to know He loves us.

The Failed American Project

Pastor Rich Perez dives into Amos 5 to show how our worship cannot be separated from doing justice.

About this Pastor & Church

Based in New York City, Christ Crucified Fellowship desires to see an Uptown whereby faith, justice and imagination we make a family out of strangers, friends out of enemies and wholeness from brokenness.

Located In: New York City

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