Addicted to Hurry

52 min

In the midst of our performance-driven culture, we’ve become addicted to hurry and accomplishment. In this message, we learn what it truly means to rest and why it’s so important to our emotional and spiritual health.

Featuring: Jeremy Treat & Reality LA

Categories: Resting & Sabbath

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Resting in the Information Age is a challenge, but it's possible. Learn how to build restful habits.

Closed on Sunday

Are you in a cycle of continuous striving? Learn why rest is important and what it means to Sabbath.

Restore | Part 1

Learn what it means to restore our souls through God's presence and how it can influence everything.

Jesus Be The Center | Part 2

Is rest just a recovery mechanism from work? Find out what the Sabbath really means for our lives.

Sabbath | Part 4

When we decide to stop and rest, we're confronted with the reality of our feelings and humanity.

Sabbath | Part 1

We all strive to feel restful and at peace, but our idea of how to get there is totally off.

About this Pastor & Church

Jeremy Treat is Lead Pastor at Reality LA, a church in Los Angeles that is seeking the renewal of the city through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Located In: Los Angeles

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