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It's time for us to move towards the Pneuma Principle, where 100% of the people who embrace the Messiah contribute to the working of the Holy Spirit. This takes all of us doing our part, all of us pulling our weight, all of us leaning All In.

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POWER-FULL is a multi-part series from Passion City Church.

A Message As Big As The World


Sometimes we don't realize the amount of positive impact our stories can have on others.

Flip the Script Louie Giglio


We flip the script when we change our perspective about the trials and pain we're going through.

We Are Making A Place For You


We need to be willing to go beyond where we’ve been before to reach people far from God.

The Seismic Shift


As Christians, we're called to be filled with the Holy Spirit and spread the word of God.

More on Serving Others

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Encounter Conference 2018

God calls us all to selflessly love and be generous with others, regardless of who they are.

The Missing Peace | Part 3

We're meant to leverage the freedom we have in Jesus to bring peace to others, but how do we do it?

Always Only Jesus

The result of following Jesus should never be to judge and condemn people, but to love them better.

The Little Inn That Could

The Little Inn | Part 2

God calls us all to selflessly love and be generous with others, regardless of who they are.

1 John | Part 2

How often have we thought about our love as something that can be wasted on the wrong things?

1 John | Part 3

When you love into action, you will experience immense growth in so many facets of your life.

More from Louie Giglio & Passion City Church

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The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ

Discover the historical evidence that supports the deity of Jesus Christ and his resurrection.

How To Bounce Back

Even Though | Part 4

No matter how hard or far you have fallen, even a little faith in Jesus can let us bounce back.

Above + Beyond

Above + Beyond

The power of life and death is in our tongues. What are you speaking into your life?

No Funerals Today

There Is Good News | Part 2

Are you experiencing the death of a relationship or a life failure? This is not the end.

The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ

The Sufficiency of Christ

The book of Colossians answers the two questions every person asks: Who am I? Why am I here?

The Chain of Shame

Chain Breaker | Part 5

What have you allowed to DEFINE you? Is it the memory, the guilt, or the shame of your past mistakes?

About this Pastor & Church

Born out of the Passion Movement, Louie & Shelley Giglio sought to plant a local community of faith impacted by the DNA of Passion. With Jesus as the lead story, that vision took flight in 2008, as small gatherings began in homes throughout Atlanta, eventually landing in their first permanent gathering site at 515 Garson Drive.

Located In: Atlanta & Washington, DC

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