The Third Option

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The message of Jesus is one of unity, not division. In this talk, we uncover the kind of racism that is unconscious, which leads us to be racially offensive without actually being racist. While culture gives us an "us" vs "them" mentality, what if there is a third option? One that allows us to honor what we have in common, which is the image of God?

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The Third Option is a multi-part series from Rock Church on racism in a racially divided nation.

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About this Pastor & Church

After a career in the NFL and a life of drug abuse, Miles McPherson cried out to God and was saved from his addiction. He turned the corner by In time, becoming a youth pastor at a local church in San Diego, before starting Rock Church in 2000. Today, the Rock has more than 18,000 weekly attenders across five campuses, by focusing on the Great Commission of hope and restoration.

Located In: San Diego, California

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