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Every day, we download philosophies, ideas and world views from the people around us. These messages will help you understand how these are affecting the way we define truth and live our lives while giving practical steps for how we can be a light to the world around us.

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Influence and Influencers

Whether we realize it or not, we are both influencing people and being influenced on a daily basis.


Christians X Culture | Part 2

Learn how idolatry presents itself in our modern culture and how we're shaped by what we worship.


Christians X Culture | Part 1

In order to engage in culture without becoming it, we need to be rooted in our God-given identity.


I AM | Part 7

Learn how Jesus is the only true vine and source of power for our lives that produces lasting fruit.


I AM | Part 3

We try so hard not to be led by anyone, but we end up being radically influenced by something anyway.


Sabbath | Part 3

The decision to embrace rest is a rebellion against the cultural addiction to accomplishment.


Creating a Culture of Honor

Learn the six practical steps towards building other people up, rather than tearing them down.


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