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Every day, we download philosophies, ideas and world views from the people around us. These messages will help you understand how these are affecting the way we define truth and live our lives while giving practical steps for how we can be a light to the world around us.

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This Must Be Stronger Than That | Part 3

Our culture now accepts many truths, and it is slowly distorting the message of the Gospel.

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This Must Be Stronger Than That | Part 2

Identify modern forms of idols and learn why we should worship our Creator more than things created.

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This Must Be Stronger Than That | Part 1

Today's church is disgraced and disillusioned, rejected by society. How can we change that?

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I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me

It's actually possible to spend your entire life pursuing a purpose that was never meant for you.

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We look at freedom as something we can achieve in the outside world, but it actually happens on the inside.

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Life’s Toughest Questions | Part 1

Learn how lies in our culture have led us to questions God's authority as our only source of truth.

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