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When it comes to doubt, we usually take one of two destructive paths. We either suppress the way we're feeling or we walk away altogether. There's a third option, wrestling with our doubts, that leads to supreme confidence and joy. These messages will help you address doubts about God's character, his power or if he's even real at all.

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When Faith Fails | Part 3

Pastor Dominic Done shares three thoughts on how to practically deal with a season of doubt.

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When Faith Fails | Part 2

Explore three common sources of doubt: our relationship with God, other people, and ourselves.

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When Faith Fails | Part 1

In a time like this, how do we deal with the hard questions about God, the church and the Bible?

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We’re All Thomas Now

Doubting is the new normal in today's society, but maybe that's what Jesus always expected.

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Belief & Doubt

Is it possible that through the process of doubting, we're led to a stronger faith than ever before?

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Life’s Toughest Questions | Part 1

Learn how lies in our culture have led us to questions God's authority as our only source of truth.

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