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Even if we've taken the steps to trust God with a situation in our life, the process of managing the uncertainty can be really uncomfortable. With these messages, we learn to keep going even when we're not seeing the results, while freeing ourselves of the "need to know" to have peace in the process.

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Chasing Daylight | Part 3

We've been told that faith removes all uncertainty from life, but it actually accentuates it.

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Chasing Daylight | Part 2

What do we do when we're faced with so many options that we end up feeling paralyzed? Take intiative.

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Planted Not Buried | Part 1

What if God's plan is for us to triumph through this tough season, not save us in the moment?

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Deep Mind

We all have a blindness of the future, we can't escape the uncertainty and mystery of tomorrow.

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Jesus | Part 7

Though we may be in a season of waiting on God’s promises, it doesn’t have to be a wasted season.

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