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So many of us are searching for peace, but we just can't seem to find it. With these messages we learn how our feelings of unrest are often directly related to our inability to trust God. When we learn to trust Him regardless of the circumstance, He promises peace and contentment.

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Peace in My Pocket

Some of us have become so focused on fear that we don’t see peace that’s right there for the taking.

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Sabbath | Part 2

God wanted sabbath to be a rhythm in life, but we've lost the balance between work and rest.

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Sabbath | Part 1

We all strive to feel restful and at peace, but our idea of how to get there is totally off.

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The Missing Peace | Part 3

We're meant to leverage the freedom we have in Jesus to bring peace to others, but how do we do it?

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Family Baggage

Is family baggage holding you back from God's plan for you? Learn how to unpack it.

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Mind Your Business | Part 3

Learn how our minds have the ability to create a brain that processes God’s business.

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A Matter of Perspective

How do you regain your focus when the ups and downs of life cause you to lose perspective?

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