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When we’ve been wronged, it can be difficult to let go of what happened. In this process, we fail to see that the bitterness and anger are actually destroying us. With these messages, we learn how we're called to forgive other people as we've been forgiven, while also realizing that forgiveness is exactly the thing that gives us freedom.

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How to Free an Unforgiving Heart

Are you struggling with forgiving others and letting go? Learn how to free an unforgiving heart.

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Waiting on God | Part 1

We can't avoid betrayal, but we can choose how we respond so that we get better, not bitter.

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Love Beyond Betrayal

God calls us to love our neighbor, but how are we supposed to love those who hurt and betray us?

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Love Lies | Part 4

When we don't handle moments of offense correctly, it can lead to resentment and bitterness.

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