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When it comes to our resources, many of us tend to be close-fisted. But the reality is that God has blessed us with those resources for a reason and it's not just for ourselves. In these messages, we learn about the freedom and fulfillment we find when we adopt a posture of radical generosity.

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Compass Rose | Part 3

What myths do you believe about money? Learn how generosity defeats idolatry and leads to prosperity.

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Thanks & Giving | Part 1

Being generously thankful can produce spiritual, emotional, financial, and relational healing.

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Chasing Daylight | Part 4

Everything God gives us is meant to be shared and experienced by the people in your world.

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Chain Breaker | Part 6

God wants us to have freedom, but when we borrow from others and live in debt, we end up in slavery.

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The Little Inn | Part 2

God calls us all to selflessly love and be generous with others, regardless of who they are.

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The Future Belongs to the Bold

Generosity at it’s heart is making a difference and doing good without any expectation of a return.

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VOUS Values | Part 4

Generosity takes the power away from greed in our lives and gives God access to more of our hearts.

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