Giving Up Control


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Many of us are intent on doing things our way, essentially being the captain of our own ship. With these messages, we learn how the need for control is tied to feelings of insecurity and how surrendering to God can give us the freedom and security we were looking for in the first place.

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Jesus Is Lord

If Jesus is not in control of every area of our lives, we will never experience true freedom.

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There's a lack of trust in our society, and it's led us to develop a greater need for control.

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Jesus Be The Center | Part 3

True joy and satisfaction comes from accepting the loving authority of God, not from total autonomy.

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Fighting the World, Flesh & Devil | Part 11

Contrary to what we learn in society, the way to our best lives comes from denying ourselves.

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Recalculating | Part 3

Let's step out of our comfort zone, stop controlling our lives and let God lead us into our calling.

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We look at freedom as something we can achieve in the outside world, but it actually happens on the inside.

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Now Walk it Out

When we choose to follow God, there's things that will need to go or we limit his work in our lives.

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