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Many of us are in situations and have conditions that we feel are too far gone to be healed. We've given up hope, because we've lived in it too long. With these messages, we learn that anything is possible for Jesus and that through the stories of the Bible, we can gain confidence in what God is doing, regardless of the end result.

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Needles and Nails

Why does God allow pain? Pastor Brenden shares his family's struggle with a rare genetic condition.

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Waiting on God | Part 1

We can't avoid betrayal, but we can choose how we respond so that we get better, not bitter.

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Looking Beneath the Surface

Learn how to look beneath your surface emotions and allow God to do the healing work within you.

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Jesus Be The Center | Part 1

Jesus never prescribed a set formula in order to be healed by him. Find out how Jesus healed and why.

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