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We all want to hear from God, but many times it seems like he's silent. This can lead us to question whether we're doing something wrong or whether he's even there at all. With these messages, we get a clearer understanding of the many ways he can speak to us while learning about common obstacles that often get in the way of hearing His voice.

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Conversations With God

The Bible is our manual for living well. But many times we don't realize how much we need it.

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How to Hear God’s Voice

Learn ten ways in which we can hear God’s voice and four things that get in the way of hearing Him.

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Enough Said

In looking for a whisper from God, sometimes we forget the Bible allows us to hear Him clearly.

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When Life Is Too Loud

Learn how God speaks, how to listen to His voice, and how to make it the loudest voice in your life.

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Hearing the Holy Spirit

God is always speaking, but how can we learn to better recognize the voice of His Holy Spirit?

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Open Space | Part 2

Explore which types of ‘spiritual disciplines’ can allow us to encounter God’s grace and presence.

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Say It Again

We all struggle to find ourselves. But in order to know who we are, we first need to know who God is.

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