Negative Thinking


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Over the last couple decades, we've made some remarkable discoveries in the field of psychology, which have revealed that 70% of our thoughts are negative. Many of us are trapped into toxic mindsets and at times, it feels like we're slaves to our minds. In these messages, we'll explore what it means to break through and experience freedom.

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I’ve Got My Mind On You

If so much of our faith is determined by our mindset, then we need to address where our mind sits.


Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Learn 4 practical tips that will help you train your brain to think the way God wants you to think.


Gain Mastery Over Your Mind

To break free of toxic mindsets, we need to first identify the patterns, before renewing the mind.


Are You Ok? | Part 2

Understand the why behind our worries and learn to turn toward the source that can set us free.


Mind Your Business | Part 4

Strongholds are self-destructive thinking patterns that are paired with the wrong view of God.


Mind Your Business | Part 3

Learn how our minds have the ability to create a brain that processes God’s business.


Mind Your Business | Part 2

What if the one thing that is holding you back from God's plan for you is your negative thoughts?


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