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In our culture, rest is perceived as a luxury rather than as a physical necessity. And even when we do take a day off, we struggle to really disconnect. In these messages, we learn how God built rest into the rhythm of life and when we try to skip out on it, we burn out.

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Practice What You Preach

Resting in the Information Age is a challenge, but it's possible. Learn how to build restful habits.


Closed on Sunday

Are you in a cycle of continuous striving? Learn why rest is important and what it means to Sabbath.


Addicted to Hurry

In the midst of our performance-driven culture, we’ve become addicted to hurry and accomplishment.


Sabbath | Part 4

When we decide to stop and rest, we're confronted with the reality of our feelings and humanity.


Sabbath | Part 3

The decision to embrace rest is a rebellion against the cultural addiction to accomplishment.


Sabbath | Part 2

God wanted sabbath to be a rhythm in life, but we've lost the balance between work and rest.


Jesus Be The Center | Part 2

Is rest just a recovery mechanism from work? Find out what the Sabbath really means for our lives.


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