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We look for fulfillment in many different places, but at the end of the day, we never seem satisfied. After we finally get the thing we were looking for, it doesn't feel as fulfilling as we thought it would. In these messages, we learn that the world is designed for God to be at the center our lives and when he is, we can enjoy all these other things in their proper context.

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In everything we do, is it our goal to become more like Jesus or to just attain things through him?

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Destroying The Image

In order to live in the fullness of what God has for us, we need to identify and get rid of idols.

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Christians X Culture | Part 2

Learn how idolatry presents itself in our modern culture and how we're shaped by what we worship.

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Jesus Be The Center | Part 5

When Jesus isn't at the center of every aspect of our lives, it keep us from experiencing freedom.

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24Ever | Part 5

Do your emotions ride on something other than God? It might be time to evict the idols in your life.

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24Ever | Part 4

Everyone worships something. If it's not God, something else will take control of your life.

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This Must Be Stronger Than That | Part 2

Identify modern forms of idols and learn why we should worship our Creator more than things created.

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