Overcoming Your Past


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When we experience pain, those memories often feel like they're going to last a lifetime. We try to tuck them away and pretend like we've moved on, without really facing our trauma. With these messages, we learn what it really means to overcome our past, while gaining an understanding of the origins of what we went through.

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All Strings Attached | Part 1

For us to have successful relationships, we need to deal with our past and our father wounds.

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Damaged Goods | Part 2

What do you do when you’re damaged, but it wasn’t your fault? God will meet us where we're at.

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Dealing With Your Past | Part 4

Identify ways in which your family line is blessed so that you can pass it on to next generations.

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Dealing With Your Past | Part 3

For some of us, our entire lives have been shaped by things that people spoke over us long ago.

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Dealing With Your Past | Part 2

Uncovering familial patterns can help us identify how we've been shaped and change our outcomes.

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Dealing With Your Past | Part 1

In order to move forward, we have to dig into our past and deal with the root cause of our sins.

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