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Our philosophy on sex and relationships has largely been shaped by the culture around us, including pop culture. But many of us are starting to find that these philosophies we've acquired are defective. With these messages, we discover why we thrive when we align our relational lives with the way God designed it to be.

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How to Date

Discover practical steps for overcoming a modern dating scene that's filled with playing games.


Singleness, Dating & Sex

Pastors Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson answer frequently asked questions on dating, sex and singleness.



In a culture of extremes, Jesus gives us a healthy perspective to navigate our season of singleness.


Sacred Sex

Explore how pursuing purity is actually the path that produces the most fulfillment in our lives.


The Sex Talk

The church has been quiet on topic of sex. Let's rewrite the narrative of sex from a biblical context.


All Things Love

Whether you're single or married, this talk will help you tackle all things sex and relationships.


Level Up | Part 2

What does God say about romantic relationships and Christian dating? Learn why His way is better.


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