Labels & Power of Words


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From a young age all the way to adulthood, we're told things about ourselves that are often not true. We don't realize the impact they have on us until we start to think about the things we believe about ourselves and where they came from.  In these messages, we identify what labels have shaped our lives while discovering how to break free from them.

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When She Realizes

When others repeatedly identify or label us by our issue, we end up assuming that identity.



Learn how our ability to encourage others plays a vital role in building high-level relationships.



Life and death is found in the power of the tongue. Find out how words can shape your entire world.


Make or Break | Part 3

Our words have the potential to build up or destroy, spark inspiration or act as fuel in a fight.


Summer Reading | Part 3

The labels over our life end up becoming our identity, but God wants us to see that they are lies.



When we aren't listening to God's voice, other voices end up speaking lies that we believe.


Dealing With Your Past | Part 3

For some of us, our entire lives have been shaped by things that people spoke over us long ago.


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