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Division is nothing new, but bigotry is a major thorn in the side of everything that God stands for. How do we approach social justice issues? How do we stand for what's right? In these messages, we learn to follow the way of Jesus when it comes to issues like racism, slavery and oppression of women.

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Sozo X Home

Pastors Jason Laird and Chase Wiggins talk about racism and practical things we can do to combat it.


The Revolution of Racism

Four men with different experiences and perspectives speak candidly about racism in America.


A Conversation on Racism

This talk focuses on the issue of racism in America and how we can move towards justice and unity.


The Failed American Project

Pastor Rich Perez dives into Amos 5 to show how our worship cannot be separated from doing justice.


Racial Reconciliation

Change starts with us. Learn practical steps that can help us work towards racial reconciliation.


The Conversation We Need To Have

Four pastors from different churches and perspectives talk about the issue of racism in America.


Jesus & Women

How did Jesus perceive women? We can find out by looking at the story of the woman at the well.


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