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Every day, we're making a decision on what to build our lives on. Without even knowing, we're forming our philosophy on life based on what the world around us is saying. In these messages, we'll learn how the Bible shows us an alternative way to live, which gives us the tools we need to live the life we're searching for.

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It Is Written

If we're to follow Jesus, we must follow his path towards knowing the scriptures intimately.

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Rooted | Part 2

Listening to the right voices and knowing the word of God helps us bear fruit in any season.

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Man in the Mirror

The Bible is a mirror that shows us who we are, detailing our condition with incredible accuracy.

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The Word Of God | Part 4

Learn 3 principles that help us navigate when we face parts in the Bible that challenge our beliefs.

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The Word Of God | Part 2

Can we trust everything that's in the Bible and should we let it be the authority in our lives?

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