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In the past few decades, the church has developed a hostile reputation, seen for it's legalism, judgment and hypocrisy. But that is not how Jesus called the church to function. In these messages, we learn God's true desire for the church and how as the body of Christ, we can restore the church back in it's rightful place as the home for humanity.

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VOUS Values | Part 2

We as believers of Christ have to do a better job of spreading the true message of Jesus.

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Learn how to live in the context of community through examining the early church in Acts 2.

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Church: It’s A Group Project | Part 2

We are one in the body of Christ, but miscommunication can easily create division amongst us.

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Church: It’s A Group Project | Part 1

Learn about the unique role we all play in the church and how we glorify God as one united body.

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