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Trusting God with our lives may come easier when everything is going smoothly, but when hard times hit, we struggle to believe God's goodness and faithfulness. With these messages, we learn that even when things don't make sense from our human perspective, putting our trust in God always leads to the best results.

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Worship Over Worry

Pastor Kenny talks about the root cause of worry and shares the remedy that Jesus prescribes for us.

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Double Minded

What should we do when we say we're believing in God but end up relying on everything except God?

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Send Our Your Doves

How do you know that you really trust somebody? When your words start translating into action.

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Stand Firm

How do we stand firm on the way to our destiny even when obstacles arise? Learn to remain planted.

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Life in The Wheelbarrow

When we place our trust in Jesus, he gives us a vision, direction, and constant companionship.

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Jesus | Part 7

Though we may be in a season of waiting on God’s promises, it doesn’t have to be a wasted season.

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