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Trusting God with our lives may come easier when everything is going smoothly, but when hard times hit, we struggle to believe God's goodness and faithfulness. With these messages, we learn that even when things don't make sense from our human perspective, putting our trust in God always leads to the best results.

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The Seventh Hour

Learn how to trust the word God has already given and how to find God’s strength in the in between.


Chasing Daylight | Part 5

If we want to seize divine moments, we have to be able to step out of our comfort and take a risk.


Let Go | Part 6

Have you ever stopped doing something that God told you to do because you didn't see results?


Stand Firm

How do we stand firm on the way to our destiny even when obstacles arise? Learn to remain planted.


Planted Not Buried | Part 4

Do you give up on the dreams that God put on your heart because you think he won't come through?


When The Teacher Gives Steps

It's in the process of trusting God's test that we're able to graduate to the next level of faith.


Walking Around These Walls

There’s something in the way that’s standing between you and what God wants you to do.


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