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We're living in a divisive age, so focused on our differences that we often struggle to find common ground with the people around us. Although we have a tendency to segregate people based on their looks, beliefs, and behaviors, these messages teach us that Jesus calls us to love our neighbors - even our enemies - without any exceptions.

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This Must Be Stronger Than That | Part 11

Seeing hate all around us might make us feel hopeless, but there's actually a lot we can do.

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Become Family

To create unity, our communities must be based on what we're for instead of what we're against.

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The Third Option

Learn how to honor what you have in common with others, which is the image of God.

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Church: It’s A Group Project | Part 2

We are one in the body of Christ, but miscommunication can easily create division amongst us.

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The Future of Humanity

If we are to be identified as Jesus-followers, we too must promote unity and stand for the oppressed.

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A Grave for Hate

In a time full of hate and turmoil, our response to what we see around us has huge effects.

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