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In the age of social media, the desire to fit in and be seen by others has never been greater. We all strive for that validation and subconsciously, it drives most of our behavior. In these messages, we learn that the only validation that will satisfy comes from God and the desire to get it from anywhere else leaves us emptier than ever.

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The Home Wrecker

Performing to be liked and accepted doesn't just hurt us, it also hurts the people around us.

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Done With (Insecurity)

In a generation plagued by insecurity, God wants to set us free. Do you see yourself as he does?

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I’ve Been Framed

Do you value yourself based on what other people think about you, or who God says you are ?

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This Must Be Stronger Than That | Part 12

Most of us long to be seen, but the pursuit of validation can quickly become a drug that enslaves us.

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Worth Dying For | Part 2

We live in a society where work has become our purpose in life. But what did God want for our careers?

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I’ll Be Happy If I Was Beautiful

Are you burdened with trying to meet culture's beauty standards? FInd out why you'll never win.

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Teach Us To Pray | Part 7

We all struggle with seeking the approval of others, but prayer can help us overcome that desire.

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