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While some believe God is a distant being in the sky with little involvement in our lives, others believe he's an angry one, ready to punish us once we break one of his rules. But what we believe about God matters, because it ultimately shapes who we are and how we lives our lives. Through these messages, we learn how the Bible clearly defines the true character of God.

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One Day Revival

If Jesus came to show us what God is like, what do we learn about God through the way he arrived?

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Call Me Dad

Some think God is a harsh judge or granter of wishes. Others a distant, cosmic force. How do you see God?

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Deliverance | Part 16

How we think about God matters, because it has profound implications on who we are and how we live.

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Eye to Eye

Despite what we might think, we can never be too bad or broken for God to come and find us.

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Teach Us To Pray | Part 4

Find out what the glory of God looks like, why we need it and how we should respond to it.

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Friend of Sinners | Part 4

No matter how broken we are, God only concerns himself with building a relationship with us.

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Church: It’s A Group Project | Part 1

Learn about the unique role we all play in the church and how we glorify God as one united body.

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