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The way we experience Jesus radically changes the way we view the world. Everyone has heard his name, but few people grasp what he really means to our lives. With these messages, we explore the claims that Jesus made about himself, while understanding that our proximity to him is the key towards achieving fulfillment in this life and the next.

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I AM | Part 2

While we gravitate towards darkness, Jesus shines a light on our most hidden places to bring healing.

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I AM | Part 1

Jesus is the only one who fulfills our deepest desires of being known, valued and included.

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The Gospel of John | Part 1

Explore how John 1:1-5 show us that Jesus is God and retells the creation story according to Jesus.

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One Day Revival

If Jesus came to show us what God is like, what do we learn about God through the way he arrived?

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Why Jesus?

Everyone is searching for something to fulfill them. But why does it have to be Jesus?

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VOUS Values | Part 1

Learn how our relationship with Jesus as our foundation affects single every area of our lives.

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Friend of Sinners | Part 3

If we don’t perceive Jesus as Lord, we don’t experience the fullness of our relationship with Him

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