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God has a unique purpose for each one of us and it’s tied to our unique gifts and experiences. Pastor GraceAnn gives us practical steps for using our gifts to guide how to live out our purpose.

Featuring: GraceAnn Hector & The Block Church

Categories: Finding Purpose

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Learn more about how to find purpose by picking from the sermons below.

Chasing Daylight | Part 6

How can you know you're in a divine, life-changing moment when everything seems too hard?

Run Your Race

In order to pursue God's calling, we need to throw off everything that entangles us in sin.

Stay Hungry

We all have a deep desire in our souls for something more, and it can only be met by God’s presence.

Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?

Everyone is searching for something to fulfill them. But why does it have to be Jesus?

Legacy | Part 2

By learning to live beyond ourselves, we can be more intentional with the legacy we leave behind.

Bucket List

Bucket List | Part 2

Some of us are plagued by decisions made in the past, so how can we minimize the feeling of regret?

About this Pastor & Church

Joey Furjanic is the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Block Church, a place where social, economic, religious, and political walls are torn down.

Located In: Philadelphia, PA

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