Michelle Ivana is a supermodel, who is signed to one of the top agencies in the world. In this short clip, we reveal a shocking truth that even the most beautiful people in the world struggle with a large amount of insecurities. You can watch the full episode of the Mighty Pursuit Podcast on YouTube and Spotify, in addition to listening on Apple Podcasts. Mighty Pursuit: I can’t speak for everyone, but you would think that if someone represents the epitome of beauty, they would have an ultimate sense of confidence. There were a couple quotes that I was kind of shocked when I realized that wasn’t the case.  Mighty Pursuit: So Emily Ratajkowski, another model, said that “as a woman, I’m always thinking if my ass was a little tighter and my nose was a little smaller, my whole life would be different.” And then Megan Fox, who did a photoshoot for Sports Illustrated last year, said that she has had body dysmorphia her whole life. So as a fellow model, are those comments surprising to you? Michelle Ivana: No, definitely not. I have always said this – I think some of the most beautiful people in the world have the most insecurities, because I think when you're constantly told that you're so gorgeous and you're so perfect, you feel like you have to live up to that standard every single day, every moment. And when you fall short of perfection or that beauty that people see in you, you feel like you're not living up to your potential or where you should be. So I think that putting such a spotlight on someone's beauty can actually have a reverse effect, where all they think about is that they have to be beautiful all the time. And so when they're not, because nobody is perfect and beautiful all of the time, we all wake up with crust on the inside of our eyes and morning breath and whatever. Nobody is immune to that. The most gorgeous models in the world still wake up with bedhead and sleep in their eyes, you know? So I think that we forget that people aren't as perfect as they might seem in one image and they forget that about themselves, too. They think that they're supposed to be that way all the time. Michelle Ivana: I think that being a model, there's two sides to it that I've experienced. I've definitely had that insecure feeling of not feeling like I'm as pretty as I am in a picture, worrying that when someone sees me in real life that I won't live up to their unrealistic expectation of this perfection that they might have seen on a picture of me. But at the same time, I've gotten to be around some of the most gorgeous women in the world, in their natural state and in real life, and been able to realize, not that they're not beautiful, because they are, but that they're real. That they're real people. And so that puts into perspective my own perception of myself and my own beauty, because I realized that the way that I've viewed these women must be the way that somebody is viewing me. Michelle Ivana: And so when I see a gorgeous model that I've only seen on Instagram, and then one day we work together and I see them in real life without makeup, you know, their Starbucks in their hand and their hair messy. And they just showed up on set and it's 6 a.m. and they're half asleep. It's not like I look at them and think, oh, she's actually not as pretty as I thought she was. I realize, oh, she is just as pretty as I thought she was. But she's also real. She doesn't look like she did in the pictures, but that also doesn't make them not beautiful all of a sudden. So then I realize that if she still is beautiful, even when she's not as perfect as her pictures, then I must still be pretty even when I'm not as perfect as a picture. So it's given me some perspective on how to be gentle with myself, the same grace that I would give to someone else. I try to give to myself. All people are guilty of judging themselves more than judging others. I look at you and I would never guess whatever insecurities you might have. And the same for you. You'd never be able to guess the thing that I'm insecure about is that I have secret gray hairs hidden over here. Mighty Pursuit: I think I have you beat with the gray hairs. Michelle Ivana: But nobody notices those things about you, you [only] notice them about yourself. And I think when you are able to realize that about other people, and have the emotional intelligence to apply that to yourself, it can really help.


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