I think one of the challenges that I notice about the world we’re living in right now is oftentimes the only moments you get people's full attention is when it’s urgent. The only moments that we’re actually engaged are in moments of urgency. In fact, this is the sort of premise we’re working with today. And that is that we forsake the important for the urgent. There’s so many things in life that we’re missing out on at times because we’re going from one urgent moment to the next urgent moment. We’re missing out on the important things that God’s placed in our life but our life is full of drama because the only time we engage, the only time that we have attention is when there’s an emergency and when something is urgent. Friend, this is not how God intended us to live. We shouldn’t move from urgent thing to urgent thing, we’ve got to learn how to create boundaries. We’ve got to learn how to create a pace. We’ve got to learn how to create a rhythm. We’ve got to learn how to follow the pattern of God and find ourselves stewarding all the important things that He’s placed around us. What’s interesting is if I took a microphone around this room today, nobody here wants to do this. Nobody is like “yeah, I want to keep letting go of important things just to deal with urgent things.” So the question is: “why does this happen in our culture?” I think there’s lots of reasons. One of the reasons I wrote this week is we’re overworked. It’s very, very ironic that this nation was settled by people called Puritans and Puritans actually had part of their mission as they came to this new world that they wanted to set up a “Sabbath Society.” A society that it was mandated that everyone would take one day of rest. The irony is that’s how we started. Now today America works more hours on average than any other nation in the world. We work 137 more hours on average than Japan. 260 more hours on average than Great Britain. 499 more hours on average than France. There is a workaholism in this nation that often goes unnoticed and unchecked. Not just in the world, but even in the house of God. Many of us, we often worship our work at times. How do you know if you worship your work? You know you’re worshipping your work when you find all of your identity in your work. It’s this overworked nation that creates a restlessness and a nation that only finds engagement when things are urgent. It’s not just that we’re overworked, it’s that we’re tired. Somebody said Amen. Like, we’re literally sleeping. Did you know that before Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, the average amount of time people were sleeping was 10 hours a night. Some of you are like: “wow, sounds like Heaven.” Before the lightbulb, the sun would set and it’d be like “what do you want to do? Let’s go to bed!” It kinda puts things into perspective, right? I used to grow up hearing stories of great men of God like John Wesley. John Wesley would rise at 4 a.m. and seek God. True. But he went to bed at 5 p.m. Not as powerful when you realize he got 10 hours of sleep. The national average today in America is 6.7 hours a night. Some of you are like, “that’s a lot. I don’t get that.” I’m not suggesting that we can recapture 10 hours a night, but what I am saying is that there’s probably a good opportunity for all of us to evaluate our schedule and to see where our hours are going at night. I’ve got to assume that lots of us are wasting time before we go to bed. Go to bed. You’re tired. You’re sleepy. You’re not just overworked or tired — you’re distracted. I am distracted. I’m preaching with you today. 1,716 times. That’s how many times every day that we touch the screen of our phone. There’s only 1,440 minutes in a day. It means that we’re touching our phone more than there are minutes in the day. Four hours is the national average that people consume their phone. But it’s not just phone consumption. It’s another four hours that we give to TV consumption. Friends, just between the phone and the TV, people are working a full time job! We’re escaping into these other places and we think it’s feeding our soul, but it’s leaving us depleted. It’s leaving us moving from urgent thing to urgent thing and we’re not finding rest. The result of being overworked, tired, and distracted is that we’re now anxious. 39% of Americans say they’re more anxious this year than they were last year. 75% of Americans say they go to bed every night with their cell phone next to their bed. “My precious…” And out of those 75%, 90% when they wake up reach for their phone. Telling you that it’s creating a culture where we’re forsaking the important and we’re only tending to the urgent. The only time we engage is when there’s an emergency. The only time that we apply ourselves is when somebody is bleeding. Something’s got to change. Something’s got to give. Maybe you’re sitting here right now and thinking: “I know what needs to change. I need more time.”


I say this sometimes: “God, really, 24 hours? I need 25 hours, man.” But how many of you know that you don’t need more time — you need to learn how to steward your time. See, none of this is what God intended for humanity. None of this is what God planned for your soul. God has a cadence to creation, and you and I would find ourselves being refreshed and at peace and anxiety-depleting if we could learn the cadence of creation. See, in the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth. God says “Let there be light” and then God goes on a creative spree. And for six days He creates, but He finally gets to the seventh day. Genesis 2:2: “By the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on the seventh day He rested from all the work of creating He had done. Then God blessed the seventh day, and he made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating he had done.” God works for six days, and then on the seventh day, He rests. He stops. He pauses. Now it’s very important theologically speaking that you understand. God did not rest because He was tired. See many of us in the room — the only time we rest is when we feel tired. But just so you understand, God has never been tired. God’s not in Heaven exhausted like “these people are stressing me out. I’ve got emails on top of emails. These prayer requests — who could ever get to all of these? He’s not a stressed out Santa. He’s God. God rested because He was FINISHED. Very, very important. It’s a very fun case study, Genesis chapter one, I’d challenge you to read it this week. Watch the creation pattern; watch the cadence. God was creating things, and every time He created something He would stop and say: It is good.” Which, how dope is that, man? God’s like “you see that? That’s good.” I like that. But actually there’s something to that. That God would say “that’s good. I’m finished. I’m done with that project.” You and I, we have a problem. Because we go to work every day or we apply ourselves in the week and what happens? We get done and we have this perfectionism society that leaves us more anxious and more depleted because every time we look at our work, we can’t just leave it. It should’ve been better. It could’ve been better. It’s not good, it’s bad. I’m bad. Oh my goodness. Think about God. I’m not for one second suggesting that God’s creation is not good. I’m not suggesting that. What I am implying today is that God could’ve done more. I’m not saying the creation’s not good, I’m saying God could’ve continued to create. If He wanted to, He could’ve made real unicorns. He could’ve done it, you know? He could’ve made a butterfly that could talk and could wake up in the morning going “Good morning, Rich! It’s the Lord’s day!” He could’ve done that, but He didn’t. He stopped and said: “It is good.” What if He was trying to create a pattern for you. That you would learn to say “I’ve applied myself today, I’ve given it my best. I’m gonna go home and go to sleep, because guess what, that thing is gonna be waiting for me tomorrow. It’s good. I’m finished.” What’s so amazing is that when God got to the six day, He made you and me. the Bible says we were made in His image. What’s interesting is when He got done making man and woman He didn’t say it was good. He said it was very God. God thinks that you are very good. And if you’re very good, maybe you should quit criticizing His work. Some of us in this room, we are so hard on ourselves. We are so judgmental towards ourselves. It’s amazing that you can be a Pharisee to yourself. You can be religious to yourself. You beat yourself up. You criticize yourself, and you’re not getting any better. Give yourself a break. God said your default is very good. Not your status, not your job, not your education, not the money in your bank account, not what society says about you. God says you’re very good, because you were created in My image. It’s not your accomplishment that declares it, it’s his announcement over your life. C’mon somebody. Give God praise. He says you’re very good. And so God works for six days. It’s good. It’s good. It’s good. It’s VERY good. Seventh day, he rests. He sabbaths. The word Sabbath actually comes from the Hebrew word Shabbat. It means to stop. It’s a verb. What did you do for Sabbath? Are you going to Sabbath? Are you going to rest? Listen to me. God rested. If God thought it was important to rest, maybe we should think it’s important to rest. God works for six days and on the seventh day, He Shabbats. He stops. He rests. Ladies and gentlemen, you serve the God who created the weekend. Somebody better give Him praise today. Now I don’t know if you noticed this— this is really cool. Notice in Genesis 2 He made the day holy. This is the first time in scripture that we see the word Holy show up. The first time in all the Bible is about the Sabbath. That the Sabbath is holy. Holy means to be set apart. Meaning God was saying this day is set apart; that if you honor this day, the other six days will start to make sense. The other six days will fall in line. For this day is set apart. It’s like music. Every good piece of music has a rhythm to it. It’s not just continuous notes. It’s different tones with different breaks and different pauses. As you read the Psalms, you’ve seen this before, go home read the Psalms. You’ll see these moments on the side of your Bible that say “Selah.” The word Selah means to pause. Because as David was giving songs to God, He would say Selah, which means pause for a minute. Give God praise. Let that thing sink in. Then let’s get back to worshipping Him. Listen to me. Work without rest is like music without rhythm. Work without rest is like a Psalm that doesn’t have a Selah. It’s like a song that doesn’t have a refrain. They go hand in hand and the day is holy. It’s beautiful because man was created on the sixth day but on the seventh day was when God created the Sabbath, a day of rest. I love this picture. That man’s first day on the earth was a day of rest. Rest so you can work. It’s a picture of the cross of Jesus Christ. That on the cross, what did Jesus say? It is finished. It is good. I’ve done the work. You don’t love me first; I love you first. You don’t work for me, and then I grant you rest. I’m giving you rest so you can therefore go and work. I wish I could get a witness today on this Sunday morning. C’mon everybody.I’ve just been geeking about the Bible. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this before but this is all just in Genesis chapter one. Genesis 1:5. “And there was evening, and there was morning — the first day.” Genesis 1:8. Watch this. And there was evening and there was morning - the second day.” The second day. Do you see that? That’s crazy. I don’t think you’re seeing it. Let me go to Genesis 1:13 “And there was evening, and there was morning — the third day.” You see that? That’s crazy. I don’t know if you see it, but there’s a pattern I’m noticing. There’s so many of us in this room that look at life as “I wake up in the morning and the day begins, and I work really hard so I can come back and go to sleep at night. Then I wake up again and work really hard and I sleep at night. But the pattern God shows us here looks different. In fact, Jews celebrate the Lunar Calendar. They actually think it’s when the sun sets, the new 24 hours begins. Meaning, I go into the evening, and then as I rest, I wake up in the morning and go and work. I start in a place of rest. It’s beautiful because the scripture says that darkness covered the earth. Meaning God did not create darkness. Darkness is simply the absence of light. That’s why God said: “let there be light.” When light entered the equation, darkness was put on its heels. And that which was formless became formed. And that which became void became filmed. Everything changed about the scenario. But when you take this concept and apply it to the book of Psalms and it says weeping endures for the night but joy comes in the morning light, what it tells me is if you’re in a Night right now you can rest assured that Day is on the way. God is gonna bring light into your situation. Rest brings strength. Rest brings focus. Rest brings clarity. Rest brings engagement. If you’re tired from jumping from one urgent thing to the next urgent thing, and you’re losing out on that which is important, maybe today you can hear God’s word: it’s time to get closed on Sunday. Now, I didn’t title my sermon today “The Power of Sabbath'' because I feel like some people would’ve just tuned me out right away. Some of you, you hear the word Sabbath and your mind quickly goes to the Ten Commandments, because that’s where you learn it. But I didn’t start with the Ten Commandments on purpose because I wanted to show you that this is a principle that predates the Mosaic law. It’s like the tithe. The tithe is not just something that shows up in Malachi, it’s something that Abraham participated in and Jesus participated in. It’s a principal in God’s creation. That’s how Sabbath works. It’s a cadence, it’s a rhythm, it’s a pattern. It’s like the law of gravity. You can go against it all you want, but it just is. It’s real. And therefore in the Ten Commandments, God’s giving His people the best ways to live. We get to Exodus 20:8. This is the fourth commandment: “Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore, the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy." Everyone say: "holy." It’s amazing, I’ve been in church my whole life. And I have yet to be in church and have someone walk up to me and brag to me about breaking the Ten Commandments. No one walks in and is like: “Yo bro, murdered a dude last night. Give me a dap.” We don’t do that. We’re like: “No, police please arrest him quickly.” I don’t know anyone who’s like: “Last night we formed a graven image in the house. We bowed down. It was electric.” No one does that. That’s not how we’re intended to live. We don’t brag about breaking the commandments, except for one. I can’t tell you how many times in this world, but even in church, we brag about breaking the Sabbath. “Yo man, I haven’t had a day off in months. Been working hard though!” I don’t think that’s okay. I don’t think that’s right. I don’t think that’s what God has intended for you. How’s that working for you? I know you’re strong, I know you’re tough, but it will catch up to you. Because it’s a principle in the earth. You are part of the creation story. There’s nothing living on the earth that constantly and continuously simply produces. Tides come in, tides go out. Sun rises, sun sets. Hormonal cycles. Stars in the air. We’re all part of the story. Seasons and patterns and rhythms. Producing and resting, producing and resting. You weren’t built to be nonstop. You weren’t built to go at the pace you were going. You’ve got to pause.


And could it be that our culture is so distracted, so anxious, so overworked because we have not come up with a systematic way to pause, stop, and reflect. It’s amazing, you read all Ten Commandments and only one starts with that word “remember.” Like, God doesn’t say: “Remember, don’t kill people.” He doesn’t. There’s only one. Remember the Sabbath. Could it be that God had an idea that you and I were gonna be prone to forget it. Could it be that God had the foresight to see our nation, our culture, our world that says I don’t really know if the Sabbath is for me, I think that’s for other people. That’s an old thing of the past.” Really? How’s that working out for you. Listen to me. Sabbath is coming. It’s coming for you one way or another. Either you stop, or something will make you stop. Sabbath is coming. How about Wayne Muller? He put it this way: “If we do not allow for a rhythm of rest in our overly busy lives, illness becomes our Sabbath - our pneumonia, our cancer, our heart attack, our accidents create Sabbath for us.” I was on the phone last week with a friend of mine who is going through cancer right now. Very successful guy. Very influential guy. Nonstop schedule. All over the world just flying, flying, flying. For the last three months he’s been going through chemotherapy in a hospital. And he said “Rich, it’s the first time in my life that I’ve been stopped in my tracks and I’ve been stopped in my tracks, and I’ve been in these moments of solitude and stillness. And I’ve had to confront who I really am, what I really believe, and who God is.” This is the phrase he said that I thought was really powerful: “Yo, busy isn’t working.” Sabbath is coming. It will either be your delight or your discipline. I don’t want to live my whole life forsaking the important for the urgent. I don’t want for you to hemorrhage to get my attention. I don’t need an emergency to take place for me to engage with what’s important in my life.Next week we’re gonna look at the life of Jesus, and some of the patterns of His life we can look at when it comes to patterns for rest for our soul. But today, I wanted you to see the cadence of creation. I wanted you to see that the Sabbath matters. I want to give you two truths today: Number one. Rest without work is lazy. Sabbath rest assumes work. If you don’t work, you don’t need to rest. There’s a pattern. It’s six days of work, and it’s a seventh day that you stop, pause, and you rest. If you are resting without working, the Bible calls that lazy. “No bro, I’m playing Call of Duty man, I’m really good.” Do they pay you? No? Not good enough. You need to get a job. You need to apply yourself. You need to work. Why? If you live a lazy life, the result will be restlessness. If you live a lazy life, anxiety and depression will be your friends. You will miss out on purpose. You were created to work. What happens is we buy into the American dream forsaking the Kingdom dream. The American dream says "let me work really hard, let me tend to everything that’s urgent. Let me be overworked. Let me be tired. But I’m looking forward to that day when I’m 65 and I retire, and once I retire I’ll be happy, because I’ll live every day on a beach drinking margaritas and I’ll finally be at peace.” Do some research on that. Did you know that literally the death toll rises after people retire? Suicide goes up after people retire! Why? What if the thing you despise is actually keeping you alive? See, without work , without a job, without this moment in your life that you’re putting your hands to work, putting your minds to work. People lose their purpose. Some of us in this room have this contaminated vision that’s not from God. And that’s "I’m gonna work really hard so I can sit around and do nothing.” Listen to me, you don’t have to work that job for the rest of your life. I’m just telling you that when you retire there’s still work to do. Let me just show you Genesis 2:15. This is not Rich just giving you a lecture. Genesis 2:15 - this is before the fall of man. If you’re familiar with God’s word, if you’re familiar with the story of God, God creates man. God creates a utopia — a paradise calls Eden. Man disobeys God, and because they disobeyed God, God has to send his son Jesus on a rescue mission. But before man had sinned, looking at this, Genesis 2:15: “The Lord God took the man, and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Wait a minute. Why is there work in paradise? Because there’s something to it. You were created to work. Some of you are gonna be really disappointed when you get to Heaven. Spoiler alert: there’s work in Heaven! Read Revelation. There’s jobs for us to do! There’s something about us when we work, that we’re actually living out what we were designed and made to do. I was designed to work. Christians should be the best workers on the planet. You need more Bible for that: “whatever your hand finds to do it, do it with all your heart.” “Whatever you do, do it unto the Lord." Listen to me. Your failure to get a promotion at work should not be due to your work ethic. It should be some other variable. It should be some other factor. Because you as a follower of Jesus ought to remind everyone around you: “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I’ve got an unfair advantage. Heaven’s got my back. I was made to work. I got a purpose in it. I was created to do it. So listen to me: rest without work is lazy. Sabbath talk begins with work. I do not want us to raise up a church where we’ve got million dollar dreams with a hundred dollar work ethic. That’s not who we are. But…work without rest is slavery. There is a balance. There is a pattern. There's a cadence. There’s a rhythm. Six days on, one day off. Six days on, one day off. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Can I pastor our church for one minute? Some of us in this room are enslaved to our dream. Some of us in this room, we're enslaved to our future. Enslaved to our bank account. “Whom the son sets free is free indeed.” You have to balance all that work with rest. I have a sense in my spirit. I know our church. This is a type A church. Put everyone in the Enneagram, we got a lot of eights in here. There’s some can-do, ambitious people. I’m telling you, you can work as hard as you think, and you can go “I’m not stopping, I can handle it,” but it will catch up with you because Sabbath is coming for us. But if you go against the grain of the universe don’t be surprised if you get a splinter. We’re called to rest. But Sabbath won’t just happen by default. It will only happen by design. Have you ever not charged your iPhone the night before you went to bed? This ever happened to you? Maybe it’s just me. You wake up and your phone’s on the red bars, and now you’re leaving the house and your phone is on red bars. Does it mess up your day like it messes up mine? For the rest of the day I’m trying to catch up. I’m looking for a charge. Do you have a charger? Can I get charged? Can I borrow your charger? And all day long I’m living on red. Some of us in this room, that’s where we’re living. Your whole life, you’re looking for a charge. You’re living on red. You’re boiling over. You’re flipping out. You’re angry. You’re disconnected. The way you’re behaving towards your kids, they’re not that bed — you’re just impatient. It’s because you’re living on red. It’s because you’re drained. It’s because you’re looking for everything around you to give you a charge. But it’s a scramble, and it leads not to a life of importance but a life of urgency. We need a systematic plan to how we will rest and recharge, otherwise we are slaves to our work. So the pattern was six days I work, and one day I stop. Maybe you’re here and you say: “I’m gonna buy into this whole Sabbath thing, but what do I do on the Sabbath, man? What do I do?” There’s a lot we can talk about, and I think you should sit down and start to define what you can and can’t do. Not out of legalism, but out of love and revelation. Next week I’m gonna show you next week that Jesus adhered to the Sabbath. I love it because a lot of us are like “oh the Sabbath, this is part of the law.” With this attempt to not be under the law, it’s like we threw the baby out with the bathwater. Now there’s nobody who even takes a moment of Sabbath. Your Sabbath is a day that you connect with your creator. You stop working and you get with your creator. In fact, here’s theologians that make this beautiful case that on the seventh day when God rested — once again He was not tired — but God who’s always creating, what he was doing on that day was creating rest. I just think that’s cool. He created rest. And part of it was to stop and connect with our maker. But not just connect with our creator. Connect with creation. Some of you parents-- you work so hard to feed your kids that there ought to be one day a week you stop and say: “wow, it’s working.” There should be a day that you are being refreshed. What refreshes your soul? It is important that you define this. Some of you work all week with your hands, and I’ve got a feeling that on your Sabbath you should do something with your mind. Read a book. There’s others of you that work all week with your brain. Your brain is at work You’re doing numbers. You’re doing finance. You’re dealing with spreadsheets. Maybe on your Sabbath you should do something with your hands. What refreshes your soul? What makes you come alive? Remember last week that verse: “I want to show you the light and easy way.” What makes you feel light? What makes you feel easy? A lot of you say: “I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna sit around and watch Netflix all day.” Does that make you feel refreshed? Probably not. For my wife and I, it’s us trying to put the phone away. Disconnect. Turn it off. For Jews, there were all these rules on the Sabbath. One of the rules is that you’re supposed to have sex on the Sabbath. With your spouse of course, let me clarify for our progressive church here. With your husband or wife here. But I think that’s beautiful. With our urgent schedules, sometimes the intimacy of our marriage can be forsaken. But some of us need to reprogram: “I’m bringing Sabbath back.”Oh, I’m looking forward to Sabbath this week.It becomes the day I look forward to. It becomes the day that I can continue in my week because I had it. It’s set apart, it brings purpose to every other day. You need to be closed one day of the week. "So I need to literally be closed on Sunday?"Doesn’t have to be Sunday. Please let us not be a church that gets caught up in petty arguments. But what day is the real Sabbath? The real Sabbath begins on Friday night and goes until sunset on Saturday. That’s the Sabbath. Sunday we gather and we worship. The reason we gather and worship is that it’s known as the Lord’s day. In Acts what happened was that New Testament Christians started obeying the Sabbath, but they would rise on Sunday, and they would worship together. Then Constantine changed the days, and now there’s denominations and there’s Christians that are mad at each other because “you don’t honor the Sabbath right, and you don’t know which day it is, or this church doesn’t get it right.” You’re missing the point. You’ve completely disregarded what Jesus has said. Mark 2:27. “Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.” Did you see that? “The Sabbath was made for man.” Meaning God said “I designed this day as a gift for you. So if you can’t be closed on Sunday — by the way I’m not closed on Sunday, I’m open on Sunday. My wife and I are choosing to be closed on a Saturday. Let’s sleep in together. Let’s break bread together. It should be like a one day vacation. It should be like Christmas without that weird uncle. I’m connecting with God’s creation. It is good. I know there’s things tomorrow, but man, I’m re-centering my soul on His word. And focusing on the important. Maybe you’re not going to be closed on Sunday, but maybe you should be closed on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday. This message is not just something I’m preaching at you. It’s something we as a team and a church are really reflecting upon. We’ve already started to make some decisions. In fact, the last Sunday of this year December 28th, 2019 we’re gonna be closed on Sunday. "What do you mean? We’re not gonna gather?” No. Gather with your family. Gather with your friends. If you have to be in a church, there’s lots of great churches in Miami that we love and support. Go gather with them, support them, love them. Why are we doing it? It’s because this church is not made up of some staff that gets paid — it’s made up of servant leaders. And I love the work they do. It’s worthy work. We should apply ourselves. We should be excellent. We should be here from 5:45 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at night with a smile on our face. But we want to actually adhere and say “God, we trust you.” We’re trusting you, God. I don’t know if the offering will come in. We trust you. I don’t know if everyone will show up next week. We trust you. We’re gonna stop. We’re gonna give our team, our servant leaders rest. This week, we are challenging our church, starting tonight we’re gonna go on a social media fast. We’re not gonna put anything on social media or on instagram. Our church runs operationally through Instagram. That’s where we talk the most, that’s where we communicate with our community. But we’re gonna stop this week. We’re gonna invite you to stop with us. We’re gonna Sabbath. We’re gonna give it to God. Maybe you’re here today and say: “man, this is radical.” It is radical. I was tempted to call it Holy Rebellion. Because that’s what it is. It’s a resistance to this world, that I will not conform to the pattern of this world. This is a trust issue for me. That God, I’m gonna trust you with six days, rather than trust myself with seven days. I’m gonna show you next week that God will make up the time. Maybe you’re not ready to give him 24 hours. Okay, I hear you. Can you give him three? Can you give him four? Can you give him a step to say, for this eight hour window we’re disconnecting. We’re gonna connect with God. We’re gonna connect with His creation. We’re gonna refrain from the distraction. We’re gonna refrain from being overly distracted. We’re gonna sleep. We’re gonna rest. We’re gonna rest. Because friend, the cadence is true. Being closed on Sunday is a basic equation. It means this. I’m gonna work six days, like it depends on me. But I’m gonna add rest like it depends on God. And I believe it’s gonna equal my soul’s success.


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